About Comptoir du Bâtiment

Both nidaplast (manufacturer) and Comptoir du Bâtiment (sales and marketing organisation) are members of the Etex group. This multinational with its head office in Brussels employs more than 12,000 people and is active in both the production and selling of building materials.   

nidaplast’s product development is therefore built on solid manufacturing foundations. nidaplast now has more than 20 years of experience in the area of polypropylene honeycomb structures and the company has acquired a worldwide reputation with regard to innovation.  The figures speak for themselves:

  • Industrial applications: sandwich panels, boatbuilding, door panels, ...
  • Water retention basins: > 200,000 cubic metre blocks for building water retention basin
  • nidagravel® gravel stabilisation system (gardening and landscape architecture applications): > 1,000,000 m² gravel stabilisation

In the case of all applications of nidaplast eco garden products, such as water-permeable surfaces, buffering rainwater and rainwater infiltration, respect for water is central. nidaplast products contribute to a sustainable water policy. Thanks to nidaplast products the amount of paved or metalled surfaces has been reduced. As a result, the ground is able to absorb or evaporate (nidasedum®) rainwater evenly. This leads to a more balanced groundwater level and has a positive effect on water quality.  

Attention is also paid to the ecological aspect in the case of each application. For example, a geotextile has been attached to the underside of nidagravel® to act as a root-proof membrane that substantially reduces weed growth. As a result, the use of herbicides is considerably reduced or even avoided completely.

It is partly due to growing awareness of the environment that these applications have become increasingly more popular in recent years. It goes without saying that nidaplast is certified in accordance with international standards: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1801. These certifications guarantee that nidaplast aims to produce top quality products, respects the environment and ensures safety at work.

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