The eco garden range consists of nidagravel® (gravel stabilisation system), nidasedum® (extensive green roofs) and nidagrass® (grass tiles). 


Thanks to nidagravel® it is now much easier to walk, ride or drive across gravel than when the gravel is loose because you no longer sink into it. From now on ugly ruts, puddles and potholes are a thing of the past.

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nidasedum® nidasedum

nidasedum®extensive green roofs consist mainly of sedum plants, which fare well in dry conditions and require little in the way of maintenance. These green roofs look attractive, muffle environmental noise and also act as insulation.

nidagrass® nidagrass®

nidagrass® grass tiles have been specially developed to guarantee a stable grass surface that can ridden and driven over without rutting, potholes or puddles forming.

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nidagravel® nidagravel®

nidagreen® is a draining underlayer specifically designed for synthetic turf. nidagreen® is stabilises synthetic turf and is easy and rapid to install.
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